Maintain or Lease a Garden Bed

In addition toget_involved_1 the garden beds maintained by the Bracebridge Rotary Club, many plots are available for individual and commercial sponsorship. Garden enthusiasts with limited space for their own, may sponsor and maintain their own plot or lease one. A garden plot is an ideal way for local businesses to advertise their brand and the community involvement.


Reasons for supporting the Gardens are many and compelling:
  • The Gardens is a rewarding community resource.
  • You will feel good about your time spent in the Gardens.
  • Any effort you give will be enjoyed by the full community.
  • As a sponsor you may choose your time to garden.
  • You may have moved to a condo and have left a garden behind.
  • Your organization might want a team-building activity.
  • Your family might work together on a community project.
  • Students gain community service credits for their hours given.
Support for the Gardens can take many forms. You may simply come and enjoy the paths and benches in a setting that includes towering pine trees. You may want to become a Supporter and help with the Spring and/or the Fall clean-up. Notice of clean-ups will be signed at the Gardens. You may want to sponsor an individual garden bed. This requires a commitment to plant and maintain a small part of the Gardens. Some rules and recognition apply to sponsors. We currently have about twenty sponsors and we are actively looking for more.
For more information about ‘Getting Involved’ with the Rotary Centennial Gardens, please E-Mail:



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